Compensation myths: number seven | Paul Rooney

Compensation myths: number seven

We recently published a news article on The Compensation Myth, a report released by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in conjunction with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). The report debunked common myths about compensation claims and raised interesting ideas on how the compensation bill can be reduced.

In recent weeks we’ve looked at six of the seven myths. Recently we looked at the myth; many of these cases would not be taken if unions did not encourage their members to claim. This week we’re looking at:

Myth 7: Lawyers often drag these cases on unnecessarily to keep their costs up

The idea that solicitors make up their own costs on claims isn’t a new one. For years, solicitors have been accused of dragging out cases and charging extortionate legal fees for cases. In reality most litigated cases have fixed costs regardless of the time the claim takes to settle.

As reported in The Compensation Myth, a workplace injury claim worth between £10,000 and £25,000 would incur maximum costs of £1,600. With this in mind it would be in the best interest of the solicitor to manage the case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One way for a defendant to reduce costs on a case would be to admit liability earlier. Often we deal with insurance companies and defendants who fail to respond to our requests until the last possible minute. Early treatment and rehabilitation, which could help the client and greatly reduce their discomfort, cannot be offered and instead the client must wait until we have been able to confirm liability before we arrange any treatment.

We would welcome an open relationship with insurance companies where we exchange information in an effort to better manage the claims process. Our primary focus is on our client and their rehabilitation. We are in the business of restorative justice, regardless of how long it takes. 




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