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Should your care home fees have been funded by the NHS?

If you or a family member has been wrongly refused NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for care home fees, talk to us today.

We specialise in assisting patients and/or their families in obtaining Continuing Healthcare Funding from the NHS. we are also able to recover a limited amount of fees which have already been paid.



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What is Continuing Healthcare?

The NHS pays for continuing care for patients with ongoing healthcare needs. Their Continuing Healthcare package applies to patients whose care is provided outside of hospital.

This funding arrangement means that the NHS is required to pay for all of your care, including nursing costs. If you live in a care home, they also need to pay your accommodation costs.

How we can help

Paul Rooney Healthcare can help you or a family member:

  • By guiding you through the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding assessment process and representing you or a relative at the various NHS Panels.If you meet the qualifying criteria, all of your care fees and accommodation costs will be funded.

  • Receive a refund of care fees that should not have been paid, whether you have received the care in a residential home or your own home, even if the family member you represent has passed away.

  • We can also help if the family member who you represent has died

 Why choose us

 Our clients choose Paul Rooney Healthcare for continuing care claims because:

  • We are experienced and successful in managing these claims

  • Our team contains a unique blend of lawyers and nurses.

  • We have an established relationship with the NHS

  • We are qualified in all aspects of continuing care and NHS funding

 What we offer

 We offer our clients:

  • An initial no-obligation assessment

  • No fees to pay in advance under our firms Contingency Fee Agreement which is strictly no win - no fee

  • Proven success in dealing with similar cases

  • Practical support as we manage your claim

  • Guidance and advice, if you don’t qualify for continuing care funding

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