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Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery

Cosmetic and weight loss surgery are becoming increasingly popular procedures. They are now widely available and tend to be privately funded.

Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery

However, the contractual arrangements are very different to NHS treatment. For example, the surgeon carrying out the procedure will not usually be employed by the clinic or private hospital and there may only be limited or no after-care included in the price of the surgery. Also, there are generally no accident and emergency facilities at private hospitals.

All these factors make cosmetic surgery claims more complicated.

Common claims relating to cosmetic surgery include:

  • Insufficient pre-operative counselling / lack of warning about the risks involved
  • The procedure isn’t performed to a high enough standard
  • Poor or non-existent aftercare
  • A defective product is used (e.g. faulty implant)
  • An increasing number of weight loss / bariatric surgery claims

Proving a medical negligence case involving cosmetic / weight loss surgery:

  • Breach of duty: Any medical professional or clinician who offers cosmetic surgery or weight loss surgery owes a duty of care to you when they diagnose and treat, or consider referring you for further investigation. We have to prove, with expert evidence, that the standard of care you received fell below that of a reasonable and competent clinician and was therefore negligent.
  • Harm: we need to prove that the negligence caused you harm

If you think you’ve suffered from medical negligence following cosmetic or weight loss surgery, you may have a case for claiming compensation. Why not call one of our experienced medical negligence team who can discuss your circumstances and advise whether we can help you make a no win, no fee claim.



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