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Paramedic Claims

Paramedics and ambulance crew do a tremendous job. They’re often first at the scene of an accident, administering essential care, often under extreme time and space pressures. 

The requirements of their job means that they have to act quickly to reduce the risk of worsening injury and save lives.

Paramedic Compensation Claims

Paramedic Claims

Time, personnel constraints and tiredness are just three reasons why mistakes are sometimes made by paramedics and ambulance crew. As a result, a patient’s condition could deteriorate and, in some circumstances, lives are lost unnecessarily. 

Examples of negligence involving ambulance crew and paramedics include:

  • Administering the wrong medication
  • Failing to observe and take action to treat clear obvious signs of life threatening conditions
  • Lifting and manoeuvring patients in a way that causes more damage
  • Misreading observations from their equipment

Proving a medical negligence case involving paramedics:

  • Breach of duty: The paramedic owes a duty of care to you in assessing and treating urgent and non-urgent conditions. We have to prove, with expert evidence, that the standard of care you received fell below that of a reasonable and competent paramedic and was therefore negligent.
  • Harm: we need to prove that the negligence caused you harm

Our medical negligence team has the expertise and experience to deal with paramedic claims. We can provide legal advice and support if you think you’ve been affected by a medical negligence. Call our team on 0800 007 006 to discuss your situation and see if we can help you make a no win, no fee claim for compensation.


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