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Moody's, the rating agency, are reporting that UK Housing Associations made record profits in 2017, largely as a result of cost reduction accross core social housing letting and cutting back on... Read more

Local Authorities are reported to have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees in the past five years to people living in unfit homes.

One tenant described how her children... Read more

Your home could be damaging your health.

Having damp and mould in your home is unsightly but it could also be damaging your health. This is because damp and mould produce spores, allergens... Read more

Check out our recent feature in the Solicitors Journal by our own Caroline Sergeant, senior personal injury solicitor and technical manager, at the Liverpool office of Paul Rooney Solicitors.... Read more

A recent study by a national personal injury firm has criticised insurers for exaggerating ‘crash for cash’ statistics in order to justify the price hike in motor insurance premiums.

‘Crash... Read more

A West London roofing firm has been found guilty of failing to enforce safety measures after it allowed employees to work on roofs without scaffolding or other safety equipment. The verdict is a... Read more

Click on the link below to see a recent article from the Swindon Advertiser regarding the Averies Fire and how Paul Rooney Solicitors are helping people affected by it –

... Read more

Check out some of the recent press coverage in the Swindon Advertiser following our recent advice clinic for people affected by the Averies Fire.

... Read more

The government will be implementing a fixed rate which will drastically reduce the cost of medical reports for whiplash, to... Read more

Since 2008, claims against the NHS have risen by 80% and by roughly 20% in the last year. The bill for medical negligence will soon exceed £19 billion - almost one fifth of the total NHS budget.... Read more


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