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Dog Owners Seeking Compensation for Pet

A dog owner in East Sussex is seeking compensation after her King Charles spaniel slipped a disc while chasing after a cat through a patch of long grass in Brighton, East Sussex.

Owner Rebecca Richardson and her partner Steven believe Brighton and Hove City Council to be responsible, as they own the land (including their house) and have failed to act on complaints the couple have previously made. “The grass was too long, it was much taller than Scooby – he was buried in the grass. We’ve been complaining to the council for four weeks about the length of the grass outside our home.”

Mr and Mrs Richardson are disabled and unable to work. They both claim they would not be able to afford the veterinary bills, estimated to be around £5,000. If left untreated, there is a possibility that the slipped disc could lead to paralysis.

Campaigners have criticised the Richardsons’ claim, citing it as another example of ‘compensation culture gone mad’. As with any claim, there is a strict and stringent legal process that must be adhered to when seeking compensation; with this public liability case it will need to be proven that the council neglected to maintain the grass therefore causing an incident. If a child were involved instead of a loved pet, the general opinion on this matter might have differed.

Brighton and Hove City Council are currently investigating the complaint.


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