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Recycling Plant Blaze Affecting Community

A major fire at Averies Recycling near Greenbridge, Swindon has caused major disruptions to local businesses and residents as firefighters work around the clock to extinguish the blaze, which started on Monday, July 21.  

A spokesperson for local business, Treads Tyres, explained how they have been forced to close for a week due to the severity of the smoke. They went on to say, “We are pleased to be back open now and the emergency services have been very good with us, but we have lost a lot of money since we were closed… It would be good to speak to Averies Recycling about the earnings we’ve lost due to the fire at their site.”

The Acting Inspector from Wiltshire Police has said: “…due to the nature of the event, it is being considered a major incident … At this stage, we haven’t even started looking at the cause; we are just dealing with the incident. We’re not ruling anything out or in.”

So far, over 100 firefighters have been involved in controlling the fire with crews remaining on site to damp down the smouldering areas in the heaps of rubbish.

Averies Recycling released a statement offering “sincere apologies” to the nearby residents who may have been affected. Last year, Averies Recycling were fined £73,000 after it was revealed that they had allowed dust to escape from their site. In total, Averies Recycling has breached Health and Safety Regulations 32 times.

Dr Mark Evans, from the Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire centre of Public Health England, said: “If people need to be outdoors in the Swindon area, they are advised to avoid areas affected by smoke or ash or to limit the time they spend in them… Some of the substances present in the smoke can irritate the lining of the air passages, the skin and eyes.”

Anyone affected by smoke inhalation from the blaze is asked to contact their GP or call NHS 111.


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