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For over 30 years the name Paul Rooney has been synonymous with Liverpool and Stanley Street, but from July, we’re moving to a new office in Liverpool city centre.

Over the last week, we’ve... Read more

A Manchester personal assistant at Paul Rooney Solicitors, who had to have an ostomy bag fitted following complications with Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, is... Read more

According to the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB), there are around 1.2 million uninsured drivers on UK roads. By law, all motorists are required to have a valid insurance policy but with roughly one... Read more

A pensioner who tripped and fell over a pothole has had her claim for compensation rejected following an investigation by Bucks County Council, after they found the pothole to be within the legal... Read more

A High Court Judge has ruled that a car crash was staged as part of a “web of deceit” after an alarming majority of the people involved attempted to claim compensation for whiplash.

The... Read more

The justice secretary Chris Grayling announced this week that new legislation will allow courts to throw out an entire claim if the claimant has been found to have exaggerated their injuries.... Read more

A 54-year-old roof worker from Leeds was left with life-changing injuries after he plunged seven metres through an unsafe roof... Read more

Following a recent Freedom of Information Act request, it was revealed that the Devon and Cornwall Police have paid out £1.3 million in compensation over the last five years. 2013 saw the highest... Read more

Internationally known food manufacturer, Heinz, was sentenced on 16 May for serious safety failings after an engineer had his hand severed whilst working on a machine in their Norfolk plant.

... Read more

A scaffolding company based in Birmingham has been fined after one of their workers fell and broke both heels whilst constructing scaffolding to hold a theatrical set for a television programme.... Read more


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