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A leather manufacturer based in Peterborough has been fined, following an accident at work in October 2012, involving a 25 year old worker... Read more

Every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury, accounting for more than a million people each year. Many of these people, and their loved ones, go on to live with long-term... Read more

The Health & Safety Commission (HSC) first met in 1974, that same year they went on to create the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and with it, a role for local authorities to implement a new... Read more

In March 2014, the Trades Union Congress published ‘The Compensation Myth’ in conjunction with the... Read more

A roofing company has been fined after an employee suffered an accident at work – plummeting over five metres... Read more

We are sad to announce the recent death of Paul Rooney.  He founded the Paul Rooney Partnership in Liverpool more than 30 years ago.  Paul gained his law degree from Sheffield University and was... Read more

The family of a London cyclist, who suffered brain damage following a collision with a speeding police... Read more

A claim for compensation made by two women was dismissed by a High Court Judge last week following evidence showing that they had fabricated their injuries. The incident took place in October 2008... Read more

Every year thousands of people are absent from work following an injury within the workplace, very often these people need expert advice as to whether their employer has been negligent and if a... Read more

Potholes are defined as hollowed out areas on roads that have eroded away over time due to weather conditions and pressure from vehicles.

On average, there is one pothole for every 110... Read more


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