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A claim for compensation made by two women was dismissed by a High Court Judge last week following evidence showing that they had fabricated their injuries. The incident took place in October 2008... Read more

Every year thousands of people are absent from work following an injury within the workplace, very often these people need expert advice as to whether their employer has been negligent and if a... Read more

Potholes are defined as hollowed out areas on roads that have eroded away over time due to weather conditions and pressure from vehicles.

On average, there is one pothole for every 110... Read more

Research conducted by car insurance company, LV= has shown that there has been over 1,000 staged car crashes every week since 2008. This adds up to over 300,000 incidents over the last five years... Read more

In December 2012, Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to place a cap of one percent on increases in the majority of working-age benefits and tax credits beginning April 2013. The cap is... Read more

Donations to a JustGiving page have poured in following the death of a cyclist taking part in a charity bike ride.

38 year old Christian... Read more

In September 2013, a crash at the Sheppey Crossing caused a pile up of over 150 vehicles, resulting in more than 200 people being injured. Last month, Kent Police announced that 32 people found to... Read more

Two men found guilty of orchestrating ‘crash-for-cash’ collisions to file fraudulent insurance claims for road traffic accidents... Read more

A roofing and cladding manufacturer in Birmingham has been fined £4,000 after one of its employees had to have part of his finger amputated after it was crushed by unguarded machinery.

The... Read more

For most, New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating the start of a new year with friends and family – but for the Police, it’s one of the busiest times. It’s the one night in the year that results... Read more


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