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You may not be aware, but this week is ‘Road Safety Week’. Running from 18th - 24th November, Road Safety Week works to promote road safety in schools, organisations and communities in order to... Read more

Recently the government unveiled new plans to increase the maximum jail sentence for the owner of any dog that kills someone from 2 years to 14. Dog attacks have gained a great deal of media... Read more

Earlier this week, the Telegraph reported on a new proposal unveiled by the Ministry of Justice that would see a ‘panel of accredited doctors’ set up to vet all whiplash claims to determine their... Read more

Earlier this month, the BBC reported that 84 defendants appeared in court after a fraud investigation in South Wales charged them with what is commonly known as ‘crash for cash’ - a scheme where... Read more

Every workplace has a legal requirement to keep an accident book, and to report all incidents and ill health that happen as a direct result of work.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and... Read more

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Accident at Work figures for 2011/12 have revealed that the number of workers fatally injured in accidents at work has dropped by 18%, compared with the... Read more

This week marks some big changes in the area of employment law, with the Government bringing in a number of new pieces of legislation affecting both employers and employees.

The first is... Read more

A leading personal injury solicitor is calling for greater action against uninsured and untraced drivers who are costing the motor insurance industry millions of pounds every year.

Cheryl... Read more

Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth instalment of the video game franchise, went on sale this week and is thought to have caused on epidemic of false sick days, dubbed ‘grand theft auto flu’ by MSN tech... Read more

What is the portal?

The portal is a stakeholder led electronic communication tool, implemented to process cases defined by the Civil Procedure Rules as low value personal injury claims.... Read more


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