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Brain Damage

If you or a loved one has been unfortunate enough to suffer a serious head injury in an accident, we can help you claim the compensation you may be due. We know this will never repair the damage caused, but it can help make life easier as you adjust to your new situation.

Brain Damage Injury Compensation Claims

Brain Damage

The amount of compensation awarded for a serious head injury resulting in brain damage depends on a number of factors. These include life expectancy, the risk of epilepsy and the level of physical or cognitive disability.

The highest compensation levels are awarded in cases of severe physical limitations and significant impairment of intellect and personality. Lower figures are usually seen in cases where a good recovery has been made but some minor on-going problems with concentration and memory remain that don’t impact on work or lifestyle. If there is no brain damage in the case the claim could be handled as a minor head injury.

How we can help you

To secure the best level of compensation for you, Paul Rooney Solicitors first build up a complete picture of your case by working with you, your family, your doctors and any other experts involved in your treatment.

We will also work with relevant experts to develop a rehabilitation programme alongside a support package to meet your care, transport, equipment and therapy needs, so you can live as independently as possible.

To talk to one of the brain damage compensation specialists at Paul Rooney Solicitors, call 0808 231 4408, or complete the claim form on the right hand side of this page and we will contact you.

Typical Compensation Amount Information:

  • Very severe: up to £288,500
  • Moderately severe: up to £201,500
  • Moderate: up to £156,750
  • Less severe: up to £30,750
  • Minor: up to £9,100


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