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Injured Playing Sport

When you participate in sport, you generally accept there is a risk of sustaining an injury as part of the “nature” of the game.

Sports Injury

Injured Playing Sport

In some circumstances, however, you should not accept the risk of injury, namely:

  • If you are learning a new sport under guidance, your instructor should be properly trained to teach you safely to avoid accidents
  • The owner or occupier of the premises where the sport takes place has a duty to ensure the facilities are safe for the players
  • In contact sport, such as football or rugby, your fellow team mates have a duty not to injure you deliberately. Nor are they to play in such a dangerous way that you are likely to suffer injury
  • The referee or umpire should enforce the rules of the game to avoid unnecessary risks

Injured watching sport

If you are injured whilst watching sport, you may be entitled to claim compensation if, for example, those arranging the event failed to ensure that the premises were safe for spectators.

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